Understanding your SEPCO electricity bill can be confusing and frustrating due to all the complicated calculations and charges. But now, there’s a solution: the SEPCO Bill Calculator. This tool is designed to make it easy for you to figure out your electricity expenses.

You only need to know how much electricity you used each month. It’s free to use, and it quickly calculates your bill for you. When you calculate your bill manually, you have to deal with things like unit prices, GST, and electric duty, which can take a lot of time and can lead to mistakes. That’s why the SEPCO Calculator is a great choice as it saves you time and makes sure your calculations are accurate.

SEPCO Bill Calculator 2024

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Understanding the SEPCO Bill Calculator

SEPCO Bill Calculator

What is the SEPCO Bill Calculator?

This is an online tool designed to simplify the process of calculating your SEPCO electricity bills. It provides an accurate estimation of your bill amount based on the units consumed and other relevant information. This calculator eliminates the need for manual calculations and allows users to obtain bill estimates quickly and conveniently.

How Does it Work?

The SEPCO Bill Calculator operates on a user-friendly interface. Users are required to input specific details such as the number of units consumed in the previous month and the connection type mentioned on their previous bill. Additionally, users can choose their phase and opt to exempt GST (General Sales Tax) and ED (Electric Duty) from their bill calculations. Once all the necessary information is entered, the calculator processes the data and generates an estimated bill amount.

Benefits of Using the Calculator for Bill Calculation

Time-saving: The SEPCO Bill Calculator eliminates the need for manual calculations, saving users significant time and effort. Within seconds, users can obtain an estimate of their bill amount without the need for complex calculations.

Accuracy: By utilizing this calculator, users can ensure accurate bill estimations. The calculator takes into account the specific details provided by the user, resulting in precise calculations and reducing the likelihood of errors.

Convenience: The online nature of the calculator allows users to access it from anywhere and at any time. It provides a convenient way to estimate bill amounts without the need to visit a physical location or rely on customer service representatives.

Cost control: By using the SEPCO Bill Calculator, users can have a better understanding of their electricity expenses. The estimation provided by the calculator enables users to plan and manage their budget more effectively, promoting cost control and financial stability.

Transparency: The calculator promotes transparency by providing users with a breakdown of their estimated bill amount. Users can gain insights into the calculation process, including factors such as the number of units consumed and any applicable taxes or duties.

Calculate your bill by using SEPCO Bill Calculator


Now let us show you how you can calculate your bill using SEPCO bill calculator tool; visit trackbill.pk and follow the simple steps, and in the end, your bill amount will be given to you.

  1. Visit trackbill.pk and locate the Bill Calculator for SEPCO Bill.
  2. Click on the icon to access the calculator.
  3. Once the calculator is open, enter the necessary data to calculate your bill amount.
  4. Provide the number of units you consumed during the previous month.
  5. Select your connection type. If you are unsure, refer to your previous bill for the connection type information.
  6. Choose the appropriate phase for your connection.
  7. Opt to exempt GST and ED from your bill by checking the respective box if desired.
  8. After inputting all the required information, click on the submit button.
  9. Within a few seconds, your estimated bill amount will be displayed on your screen.

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Types of Taxes Included in SEPCO Bill

As we all know, many different types of taxes are included in our bills. We are charged by NEPRA for these taxes, so we need to know what types of taxes we paid with our bill.

These are the taxes that we paid with our bill:

TR Surcharge

TR Surcharge stands for Transmission and Distribution Surcharge. It is an additional charge imposed to cover the costs associated with the transmission and distribution of electricity. This surcharge helps fund the maintenance, upgrades, and expansion of the electrical infrastructure, ensuring reliable electricity supply.

OTR Tariff Adj

OTR Tariff Adj refers to the Over Time Rate Tariff Adjustment. It is an adjustment made to the tariff rates based on the time of electricity consumption. During peak demand periods, higher rates may be applied to encourage energy conservation and manage the strain on the electrical grid.

FC Surcharge

FC Surcharge denotes the Fuel Cost Surcharge. It is an additional charge levied to cover the fuel costs associated with generating electricity. This charge ensures that the expenses related to fuel procurement are properly accounted for and recovered.


GST stands for General Sales Tax. It is a consumption tax imposed on goods and services. In the context of electricity bills, GST is added as a percentage-based tax on the total bill amount. The rate of GST may vary based on applicable regulations and policies.

Deferred Amount

Deferred Amount refers to any outstanding or postponed payment from previous billing cycles. It represents an amount that was not paid in a timely manner and has been carried forward to subsequent bills. It may include the principal amount along with any associated interest or penalties.

Late Payment Penalty

Late Payment Penalty is a fee imposed for making payments after the specified due date. It serves as an incentive for timely bill settlement. The penalty amount is typically a percentage of the outstanding bill amount and can vary based on the duration of the delay.

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Unit Prices of SEPCO

These are the 2022 Unit Prices of SEPCO; these rates can be changed in the coming months.

UnitsPer Unit Rate
Up to 50 Units14.37
101-200 Units16.51
201- 300 Units19.21
301 – 700 Units21.06
Above 70023.45


What is FPA on SEPCO Bill?

FPA is known as Fuel Price Adjustment. This is a tax we pay to those companies that produce electricity with fuel. This Tax is not included on our every monthly bill. It is up to NEPRA when they want to apply this tax on us.

Is the SEPCO Bill Calculator safe to use?

This calculator is safe and secure; it will not harm your device. We assure you that this tool is safe. But if you are still not completely satisfied, you can always use this site with secure Anti-virus. Anti-virus will secure your device and make you satisfied. You can also check IESCO Billing system at our website.


SEPCO Bill Calculator is a valuable tool that simplifies the often complex and confusing process of understanding your electricity expenses. With its user-friendly interface and the requirement of just knowing your monthly electricity usage, it offers a hassle-free and error-free way to calculate your SEPCO bill. This free tool can save you time and ensure the accuracy of your calculations, eliminating the frustration that often comes with deciphering intricate bills.

If you’re also looking for ways to streamline your electricity bill management, consider exploring the MEPCO billing system and TESCO online bills. These services can complement the SEPCO Bill Calculator and help you manage your electricity bills more efficiently and conveniently. Whether you’re a SEPCO, MEPCO, or TESCO customer, these tools and services can make the billing process much more manageable, allowing you to stay on top of your electricity expenses with ease.

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