In this time of digitization, where convenience is a top priority, the world has witnessed a significant shift towards online services. The electricity sector is no exception, as power distribution companies strive to enhance user experience and streamline billing processes. Among these pioneering companies is the Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO), which has introduced IESCO bill online system to empower consumers with greater control over their electricity usage.

IESCO stands for Islamabad Electric Supply Company and was formed in 1998 to take all these responsibilities. It was the division of WAPDA, but due to the increase in population, IESCO was separated from WAPDA. To divide the load into two parts, the company now has to sell power in the area from Jhelum to Attock, Rawalpindi and from Indus River to Neelum River in Kashmir.

The company provides electricity to 3.2 Million consumers in 6 districts.  

Understanding the IESCO Bill Online

IESCO Online Bill

With the advent of the IESCO online billing, consumers can conveniently access and manage their electricity bills from the comfort of their homes. This online portal provides users with detailed information about their electricity consumption patterns, enabling them to track usage trends, identify potential areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to optimize their energy consumption.

To access the IESCO bill online, consumers need to visit our website. Below is the step by step guide, how you can check your IESCO electricity bill online.

How to check your IESCO Bill Online

How to check IESCO bill online

Follow these steps to check your IESCO Bill Online.

  • Visit our website
  • Enter your 14-Digit Reference Number
  • Click on check your bill
  • Soon your entire bill will pop up.

Follow these steps to print your bill

  • When your entire bill appears
  • Press CTRL+P
  • Select the printer and then press the print button
  • If you want to save your bill before printing, click on SAVE AS PDF, and your bill will be saved

What is a Reference Number

The reference number is a series of numbers allotted by IESCO to its customers. This 14-digit reference number is used to check IESCO Online or to file a complaint.

To find a reference number on your bill, you have to check your old bill; the reference number is located on the top left of the bill.

Where to Pay IESCO Bill

To pay your IESCO Bill Online, you have to download apps on your mobile where you can pay your bill without waiting hours in line. You can pay your bill anytime with the help of these apps within the due date.

You can also download the payment receipt as proof.

Here are the following apps to pay your IESCO Bill Online.

  1. JazzCash
  2. EasyPaisa
  3. Any Bank Online Banking Apps

With these apps, you can pay your bill online, but of course, if you want to pay your Bill offline, then a visit to any bank with a hard copy of your bill. Following are the Banks that accept IESCO Bills.

  1. Allied Bank
  2. Habib Bank
  3. Standard Chartered Bank
  4. National Bank of Pakistan
  5. Meezan Bank
  6. Dubai Islamic Bank
  7. Punjab Bank
  8. United Bank Limited

You can also pay your bill in all the post offices.

Tips to Save your Electricity Bill

As we all know, electricity prices are increasing, and it is becoming tough to pay those expensive bills. So we have to save ourselves from these expensive bills; here are some measures we can take to save our bills.

Bulbs: If you still use old 100-watt Bulbs in your house, change them with energy savers.

Fridge: Keep the temperature of your fridge too low to save electricity, and try to use a new model inverter fridge.

Fans: Fans are an essential part of a household, so if you are using old fans, then change them into new ones because old ones consume more energy than new ones.

AC: Ac is the main cause of those expensive bills. In everyday routine life, AC has become a vital part of life due to climate changes. In summer we can’t live without AC due to very high temperature, thus increasing our bill. If you are using old AC, you can replace them with a new Inverter AC to save your bill.

Iron: You can use efficient irons to save your bill.

Here are some more tips to save your electricity bill.

  • Turn off your lights when your leave the room
  • Try to use natural light instead of artificial
  • Keep your doors and windows shut while using AC
  • Please switch off the appliances when on off mode because they still consume electricity.
  • Change all your old appliances to new ones.
  • Turn off the fans when your leave the room

Peak Hours of IESCO

IESCO Peak Hours

One of the key aspects that consumers must understand about their IESCO bill online is the concept of peak hours and its impact on tariffs. Peak hours typically refer to the time when electricity demand is at its highest, usually during the evening when households and businesses are in full swing. It is important to note that IESCO employs a Time of Use (TOU) tariff structure, which means that electricity rates vary depending on the time of day.

Under the TOU tariff structure, IESCO divides the day into three distinct periods: peak hours, off-peak hours, and normal hours. The peak hours usually span from early evening to late night, during which electricity consumption rates are higher due to increased demand. Off-peak hours are generally during the night and early morning, while normal hours cover the remaining period of the day. The tariffs for each of these periods differ, with peak hours having the highest rates, followed by normal hours, and off-peak hours being the most affordable.

If you are using more units during these peak hours, get ready to get yours in a higher amount because the units consumed during peak hours are considered double. So if you want to save your bill, try using less energy during these hours.

Here are the peak hours during these months

Dec to Feb5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Mar to May6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
June to Aug7:00 Pm to 11:00 PM
Sept to Nov6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

If you are resident of Multan, you can check your MEPCO peak hours at our website.

Other Important Considerations of IESCO

While understanding peak hours and managing IESCO bill online is crucial, consumers should also be aware of other important factors related to their IESCO bill. These include:

Billing Cycle

IESCO follows a specific billing cycle, typically lasting for a month. It is essential for consumers to know their billing cycle to ensure timely payment and avoid any penalties.

Payment Options

IESCO offers multiple payment channels, including online banking, mobile wallets, and designated payment centers. Consumers can choose the method that suits them best, ensuring convenient and hassle-free bill payment.

Customer Support

In case of any queries or concerns regarding the IESCO bill online or electricity consumption, consumers can reach out to the company’s dedicated customer support helpline or visit their local IESCO office for assistance.


How to register corruption complaints against IESCO?

If you want to file corruption, complain to IESCO that you have to contact on this number 0305-8880815. But remember, if you are failed to prove corruption charges against IESCO, then that complaint will face legal action.

How to calculate the estimated bill?

If you want an estimated bill, you can use a bill calculator for IESCO. You have to enter the unit you have consumed in the last month and select the type of connection you are using and then select calculate. Soon an estimated amount will be on your screen.

How to apply for a new connection in IESCO?

If you want to apply for a new connection in IESCO, you have to visit your nearest IESCO office and fill out an A&A application for a new connection, and within 30 days, your new connection will be installed.

How to contact IESCO Help Line?

Suppose you want to contact the IESCO helpline by phone, dial 051-9252937. The helpline service is available 24/7; you can get the IESCO helpline anytime on any day.

What is the unit price of IESCO?

To check unit prices, you must visit NEPRA official site. Because in Pakistan, NEPRA has the responsibility to decide electric companies’ taxes and unit prices.


Our website has revolutionized the way consumers interact with their IESCO bill online. This convenient platform empowers users by providing them with a seamless experience to check, verify, and manage their electricity bills with ease. With just a one click, consumers can access detailed billing information, track their consumption patterns, and make informed decisions to optimize their energy usage.

By embracing the convenience of, consumers can take control of their energy consumption, optimize cost savings, and contribute to a sustainable future. The ability to effortlessly check and verify IESCO bill online has truly transformed the way we engage with our electricity usage, making it more convenient and empowering than ever before.

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