In this fast-paced era of digital advancements, the convenience of managing our day-to-day affairs online has become increasingly important. From shopping to banking, the internet has revolutionized the way we handle various aspects of our lives. Keeping up with this trend, the Quetta Electric Supply Company (QESCO) has introduced an innovative solution that simplifies the process of managing and paying electricity bills online for residents of Quetta, Pakistan. Let’s discuss the features and benefits of the QESCO online bill system, this online bill enables you to effortlessly stay on top of your electricity payments.

There is no doubt that Quetta electric company is one of the largest electricity suppliers in Pakistan, covering over 43 Percent of Pakistan. The company began serving Pakistan after the WAPDA Legislation was ended in 1981.

QESCO serves electricity to over 0.6 Million People with 2100 MW and this number is growing day by day. The main goal of QESCO is to provide better services to their client and solve their issues in no time. QESCO provides its service through a helpline, so people don’t have to travel to their offices to file a complaint as you can file a complaint through this helpline number.

How to check QESCO Online Bill

QESCO Online Bill

QESCO offers the best service to its consumers to facilitate them to the maximum. One of the best services that QESCO provides is the online bill check system. Follow these steps to check your QESCO Online Bill.

  1. Open your browser and go to
  2. After the site is open, you will notice a portal enter a reference number
  3. Enter your 14-Digit reference number in that box and then click on submit
  4. Finally, your latest bill statement will appear with a due date

Follow these steps to download and print your QESCO Bill Online

  • Once your bill is open, then press “CTRL+P.”
  • A new window will pop up, and select “SAVE AS PDF” if you want to download that bill or click the print button to get the print of a duplicate bill.

How to get a Reference Number

Its already mentioned that if you want to check your QESCO Online Bill or any details about your electric connection, you need a reference number. This reference number is assigned by QESCO to its customers.

QESCO bill reference number consists of 14-digits. To get a reference number, you have to get your previous bill, and in the upper right corner, you will notice a reference number box; in that box, your reference number is mentioned.

After you have obtained your reference number now, you can check your QESCO Online Bill and use this number to file a complaint.

QESCO Reference number

QESCO Online Bill Details

On our site, you can check your Bill details and the amount or due date in no time. All the information regarding your bill will be mentioned on our site. If you want to check if your QESCO previous month is paid or not, you can look at the status of the last bill.

On the left side of your bill, a whole 12-month history is provided by QESCO and the amount of units you have paid or consumed. You must enter your reference number, and all the information will be on your screen.

How to Pay QESCO Bill.

You can pay your hard copy of the bill to any bank, but if for some reason you have not received your original bill, you can always download a duplicate QESCO Bill by using our site.

Then paid the bill in the following ways:

  • Commercial Banks
  • Online Banking Apps
  • Post Offices
  • JazzCash Retailor or App
  • EasyPaisa Retailer or App

To pay your bill online, just enter your reference number, and your bill amount will appear if you want to pay the bill through the post office or bank, provide them with a hard bill copy.

Working Hours of QESCO

You can always visit the QESCO office between 9.00 AM to 5:00 PM from Monday to Saturday. All the offices of QESCO will remain closed on Sunday or any national holiday.

All the offices will close on Friday for two hours for Jummah Prayer. If you complain or need any information regarding your meter or bill, please visit our offices during working hours.

But the Helpline number of QESCO works 24/7 you can call on our helpline number any time or any day. Complain a file, and then the next day in the working, our QESCO officer will try to solve your problem.

Areas Covered by QESCO

QESCO Covers over 43 percent of Pakistan, and QESCO is one of the largest electricity suppliers in Pakistan. The main head office of QESCO is located in Quetta Cantt.

Following are the districts that came under QESCO

QuettaDeraa BugattiJhal MagsiNaseer Abad
GwadarQilla AbdullahZiaratKohlu
JafrarabadQila SaifullahSibiKharan

All these districts came under QESCO, and QESCO has the primary responsibility to provide electric supply to all these districts and their residents.

QESCO Helpline Number




How do I correct my QESCO bill?

If somehow you believe that something’s wrong with your bill and you want to correct that. To do that you have to visit its near office and present QESCO with your situation. QESCO officer will try its best to solve your problem.

Can I use QESCO Online Bill calculator to get my exact bill amount?

No bill calculator will ever provide you with the exact bill amount. But you can get estimates through a bill calculator. You must enter the unit you have consumed, and the bill calculator will calculate your bill.

How to change the name on my bill?

If you want to change your name on the bill, you must go to the nearest QESCO office and file an application to change your name on your QESCO Online Bill. It will take time, but soon, your new name will appear on QESCO Bill.

Can I check my QESCO Bill through my CNIC Number?

No, you can’t. To check your bill online, you have required your reference number and customer id. Cnic number no do the job. You can check your online bill before the due date through Reference Number and Customer ID only.


Accessing your QESCO bill online has become more convenient than ever that allows you to manage your electricity expenses with ease. Moreover, for those residing in PESCO’s service areas, you can easily access your PESCO online bill for efficient bill management. To further simplify your utility expenses, HESCO calculator can be a valuable tool to help you estimate and plan your future electricity bills. Embracing these online resources not only empowers consumers but also contributes to a more sustainable and efficient energy consumption model. So, whether you are a QESCO or PESCO customer, harness the power of technology and these online tools to take control of your electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

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