Are you tired of being caught off guard by your monthly electricity bills? Does the mere thought of opening that envelope or checking your online statement send shivers down your spine? We understand the struggle, the anxiety, and the frustration that come with managing your energy expenses. That’s why we’re here to unveil a revolutionary solution that will empower you to take control of your electricity costs.

Introducing the MEPCO Bill Calculator, your pathway to financial freedom and peace of mind. We know the feeling of helplessness when faced with mounting electricity bills, wondering where all that power consumption went. It’s time to break free from the shackles of uncertainty and take charge of your energy usage.

With our state-of-the-art Bill Calculator, you can bid farewell to the sleepless nights and the endless calculations. This innovative tool provides a seamless and user-friendly experience, allowing you to accurately estimate your monthly electricity bills based on your consumption patterns. No more surprises, no more budgeting nightmares. Our calculator gives you the power to plan, strategize, and make informed decisions about your energy usage.

Imagine the relief of having a clear picture of your energy expenses, allowing you to adjust your habits and optimize your electricity consumption. Take control of your financial future, allocate your resources wisely, and embark on a journey towards a more sustainable and cost-effective lifestyle.

MEPCO Bill Calculator 2024

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Don’t let the fear of high electricity bills hold you back any longer. Embrace the MEPCO Bill Calculator and unlock the door to a brighter, more enlightened future. Your peace of mind awaits.

How to use the MEPCO Bill Calculator?

MEPCO Bill Calculations

Using the MEPCO Bill Calculator is as easy as flipping a switch. With just a few simple steps, you’ll unlock a treasure trove of insights into your energy consumption patterns, helping you make informed decisions that align with your financial goals. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision as you harness the calculator’s capabilities to estimate your monthly bills accurately.

Don’t let your electricity bills hold you hostage any longer. Embrace the MEPCO Bill Calculator and witness the transformation as you navigate the world of energy expenses with ease and confidence. The power to master your energy costs is at your fingertips – are you ready to seize it?

Follow these steps to know how to use this calculator.

  • First, you must know how many units you have consumed in the last month.
  • Then to calculate your estimated bill, you have to fill out the form
  • All these details are provided to you on your MEPCO Bill
  • Select Connection type
  • Then you have to select what type of Phase you are using Single or Three
  • Enter the number of units you have consumed
  • Enter meter rent if applied to your tariff
  • Service rent, if applied
  • Number of TV sets you used on MEPCO Connection
  • Select if you want to calculate your bill with or without GST Exempt
  • After filling in all the details. You have to click on submit button, and in no time, the estimated amount will be on your screen.

Note: FPA charges are not included in this amount. NEPRA will decide if FPA chargers are applied or not on your MEPCO BILL.

This amount is an estimated amount; your original bill will be close to this amount.

How MEPCO Bill Calculator does Calculations

Let me show you how this calculator works.

  • The first thing you must know is that units of electricity are in KW/H.
  • Let’s assume you checked your reading, and it’s 36 wats.
  • You have to get 36 wats by using electricity for 19 hours a day
  • Now we will see multiple ways into hours 36×19 = 684 CFL Per Hour
  • Then we will divided 684 into1000 684/1000= 0.684 KW/H
  • Now we will calculates it monthly usage 0.684 x 30 = 20.52 KW/H
  • This means you have consumed 20.52 KW/H of electricity for 30 days while running for 19 hours daily.

This is how the calculation works in MEPCO Calculator

Advantages of MEPCO Bill Calculator

Advantages of MEPCO bill calculator

The MEPCO Calculator offers a multitude of advantages that make it an indispensable tool for managing your electricity expenses. Here are some key advantages of using this calculator:

Accurate Billing Estimates

Say goodbye to the guesswork and uncertainties associated with your electricity bills. The calculator utilizes your consumption data and tariff information to provide you with accurate estimates of your monthly bill. This helps you plan your budget more effectively and avoid any surprises when the actual bill arrives.

Financial Control and Planning

By gaining insights into your energy consumption patterns and estimated costs, you can take proactive measures to manage your finances better. The calculator allows you to analyze and evaluate your electricity usage, helping you identify areas where you can reduce consumption and optimize your energy expenses.

Transparency and Understanding

The MEPCO Bill Calculator breaks down your estimated bill into different components, such as the cost per unit of electricity, taxes, and surcharges. This transparency helps you understand how your bill is calculated, empowering you to make informed decisions about your energy usage.

Cost-Saving Opportunities

Armed with the knowledge provided by the calculator, you can identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption and lower your bills. By adjusting your habits, adopting energy-efficient practices, or exploring alternative tariff options, you can maximize cost savings without sacrificing comfort or productivity.

Time-Saving Solution

Instead of spending hours manually calculating your electricity costs, the MEPCO Bill Calculator streamlines the process and provides you with instant results. This saves you valuable time and effort, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your life or business.

MEPCO Bill Taxes

Here are some common charges or taxes that may be included in a typical MEPCO bill:

Energy Charges

This is the cost of the actual electricity consumed, usually calculated based on the number of units (kilowatt-hours) used during the billing period. The energy charges are typically the largest portion of the bill and are based on the applicable tariff rate.

Fixed or Service Charges

These charges are a fixed amount that is applied regardless of the amount of energy consumed. They cover the costs associated with the utility company providing and maintaining the infrastructure and services required for electricity distribution.

Regulatory Charges

Some bills may include regulatory charges or fees imposed by regulatory bodies or government entities. These charges are meant to fund various regulatory activities and initiatives related to the energy sector.


Depending on the country or region, there may be taxes applied to electricity bills. Common taxes include sales tax, value-added tax (VAT), or goods and services tax (GST). The tax percentage varies and is typically added to the total bill amount.

Surcharge or Levies

In certain cases, there may be additional surcharges or levies applied to electricity bills. These charges are often related to specific initiatives or projects, such as renewable energy development or environmental conservation efforts.

MEPCO Unit’s Rates 2022

Here are the latest unit rates for 2022. Every year the rates of MEPCO change by NEPRA based on conditions and fuel chargers.

SRUnitsPer Unit Rates
1Up to 5024.95
21-100 Units29.74
3101- 200 Units32.06
4201 – 300 Units34.15
5301 – 700 Units31.55
6Above 700 Units44.65

If no units have been consumed by a residential consumer, there shall be a minimum charger implemented on that user

  • Single Phase Rs. 75
  • Three Phase Rs. 150


Do I have to enter my customer ID to calculate my Bill?

No, there is no need to put your reference number or customer ID; you have to enter the number of units you have consumed in the last month and fill in some detail regarding your connection, and the rest will be taken care of by this calculator.

Does MEPCO Bill Calculator include FPA Charges?

No FPA chargers are not included in the amount given by this calculator. Only NEPRA has the authority to put FPA charges on your Monthly Bill. So it is up to NEPRA whether to put FPA charges or not.

What is the helpline number of MEPCO?

If you want to call on MEPCO, then you can contact the following numbers.
·        061-9220313
·        061-9220314
·        0800-63726
You can also register your complaints, and if you want any information, these helpline numbers will provide you with that information. Helplines are available 24/7, so feel free to contact us any time.


MEPCO Bill Calculator is not just ordinary tool for estimating your electricity expenses; it is beacons of empowerment and financial control. By harnessing its capabilities, you can illuminate the complexities of your energy bills and gaining a newfound understanding of your consumption patterns.

With its user-friendly interfaces and access to energy conservation resources, this calculators become more than tools; it becomes trusted ally in your journey towards financial clarity. It also allows you to seize control of your energy expenses, align your budget with your goals, and embrace a more sustainable and responsible lifestyle.

So, take the leap and embrace the power of the MEPCO Bill Calculator, GEPCO bills, and Online MEPCO bills. Gain the ability to master your energy costs, uncover the secrets of your electricity bills, and pave the way towards a brighter, more enlightened future. The road to financial freedom and peace of mind starts with a single click.

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