Managing electricity bills can be a challenging task, especially when you have to deal with different tariff rates, units consumed, and other factors. However, with the PESCO Bill Calculator, you can effortlessly determine your electricity costs without any hassle. Our user-friendly online tool is designed to provide accurate and convenient calculations for your electricity bills. This innovative tool provides you with an accurate estimate of your PESCO electricity bill. Whether you’re a residential or commercial consumer, the PESCO Bill Calculator is here to make your life easier.

PESCO Bill Calculator 2024

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What is a PESCO Bill Calculator?

What is Pesco Calculator?

A PESCO Bill Calculator is an online tool specifically designed to help PESCO (Peshawar Electric Supply Company) consumers calculate their electricity bills. It eliminates the need for manual calculations and provides users with an instant estimate based on their electricity usage. By entering a few details such as units consumed, tariff rates, and billing cycle, you can quickly determine the amount you need to pay for your electricity consumption.

Importance of a PESCO Bill Calculator

Using a PESCO Calculator offers several advantages for consumers. Firstly, it saves time and effort by automating the calculation process. Instead of manually calculating your bill, the Calculator does it for you instantly. Additionally, it reduces the chances of errors, ensuring accurate billing. By having a clear estimate of your electricity costs, you can budget effectively and plan your expenses accordingly.

Steps of use PESCO Bill Calculator

Step by step Guide: PESCO bill calculator

Follow these steps to effortlessly calculate your electricity bill using our PESCO calculator.

Step 1: Choose your connection

In this step, you have to choose which type of connection you are using. Each connection has its own Tariff Guide.

Step 2: Phase Type

After choosing the connection, select which type of phase you are using. Currently, there are two types of phases available in PESCO.

  • Single phase
  • Three phase

Step 3: Units Consumed

Enter the units you have consumed in the last month or the unit which bill amount you want. The unit has a main role in calculating your bill, so add wisely.

Step 4: Service Rent

Enter service rent if it is only applied to your meter; if not, enter zero.

Step 5: Meter Rent

Once you have entered service rent, enter meter rent, but only if it applies to your meter.

Step 6: Arrears

Now, what are the arrears on your PESCO bill. If you haven’t paid your last month’s bill, this amount will be added to your next month’s bill as Arrears.

Step 7: Number of TV Sets

Enter the number of TV sets you are using on your connection. In PESCO, the Tax on a single TV set is 35 rupees.

Step 8: Tax Exemption

Some tax fields will be given to you. in these fields, you can check or uncheck them if you want to exempt that tax from your bill.

Step 9: Final Step

After all these steps, you have reached the final step; in this step, you have to press the submit button and then, in no second, your bill amount will appear on your screen.

FPA charges will not include in this amount because NEPRA has to decide whether you have to pay FPA Tax or not.

Factors Affecting Your PESCO Electricity Bill

Several factors influence your PESCO electricity bill. Understanding these factors can help you manage your energy consumption better:

Units Consumed: The amount of electricity you use directly impacts your bill. Higher consumption leads to higher charges.

Tariff Rates: PESCO has different tariff rates for residential and commercial consumers. The calculator considers these rates while calculating your bill.

Peak and Off-Peak Hours: Some tariff plans have different rates for peak and off-peak hours. The calculator factors in these time distinctions to provide accurate estimates.

Tips for Using a PESCO Bill Calculator Effectively

To make the most out of the PESCO calculator, consider the following tips:

Provide Accurate Details: Ensure you enter the correct units consumed, tariff rates, and billing cycle for precise results.

Regular Updates: Stay informed about any changes in tariff rates or billing structures to keep your calculations up to date.

Compare with Actual Bill: Periodically cross-check the calculator’s estimate with your actual bill to ensure accuracy.

PESCO Latest Unit Rates

As we all know, PESCO unit rates have changed, and now we have the latest rates for PESCO units.

Here are the latest rates for PESCO

1 to 100 units13.48
101 To 200 Units18.58
201 To 300 Units21.47
301 To 400 Units24.63
401 To 500 Units26.09
501 To 600 Units27.01
601 To 700 Units27.65
701 To 800 Units31.12
800 Above31.40

Since the unit prices will change two times in 2022, we are not sure whether these prices will update or not, but currently, PESCO is following these rates. You can follow these rates if you want to calculate your bill manually.


Is the bill amount provided PESCO Bill calculator estimated amount?

Yes, the amount provided by this calculator is estimated, but this amount can be close to your original bill. So if you want a close amount, this calculator is your best choice.

Can a new user use this calculator?

Well, this calculator is very straightforward, so if you are new to it, you can easily use it and get your estimated PESCO bill online.

Is this PESCO bill calculator free to use?

This calculator is free, and you can use this calculator any time without paying a single penny from your pocket. Make sure to try this calculator once in a lifetime.


PESCO Bill Calculator emerges as a valuable tool for anyone looking to gain control over their electricity expenses. With its user-friendly interface and the ability to calculate bills based on the most up-to-date rates, it empowers users to make informed decisions about their energy consumption and budget. The convenience of PESCO billing online, combined with the option to address any concerns or issues through PESCO complaints, creates a comprehensive and accessible platform for managing your electricity bills. With this resource at your disposal, you can take charge of your energy expenses with confidence and ease.

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