Do you ever worry about how much your energy bill will be based on how much electricity you use? Well, worry no more! We’re excited to introduce the FESCO Bill Calculator, a fantastic tool to help you understand your utility bills.

This calculator is really easy to use and it figures out how much you’ll likely pay by asking how much electricity you used in the current or previous month. The best thing is that it’s simple to use, and you don’t need to download any other apps. You can use it right on the website. FESCO Calculator calculates your bill based on the 2022/23 Tariff Guide, which includes all the taxes. It then gives you an amount that’s very close to what you’ll actually pay. When the rates for using electricity change, we update the calculator with the new rates so you can always get an accurate estimate of your bill.

FESCO Bill Calculator 2024

Enter Units:

Please enter units to calculate electricity cost.

Here are the Latest unit rates of 2022

100 Units7.74
101 – 200 Units18.95
210 – 300 Units22.14
301 – 400 Units25.53
401 – 500 Units27.74
501 – 600 Units29.16
601 – 700 Units30.30
Above 700 Units35.22

These are the latest rate as of Oct 2022.

How to Use FESCO Bill Calculator

FESCO bill calculator

Follow these easy Steps to calculate your Bill from FESCO Bill Calculator on our website (

  • Firstly, enter the type of connection you are using.
  • Then, select the type of phase you are using
  • Now the number of the unit you have consumed in the last month
  • Enter meter rent if applied on your bill
  • Similarly, enter service rent if applied on your connection
  • List arrear if remain from last month amount
  • Add the number of TV sets you are using on this connection
  • Check the box if you want to exempt GST or ED tax from your bill.
  • Then click submit, and within seconds your bill amount will be calculated.

Note: The FESCO Bill Calculator is for estimation purposes only and does not replace your official FESCO bill. The calculations are based on standard tariff rates and may not account for any additional charges or discounts that may apply to your specific situation.

The Formula of online Bill Calculation

The online bill calculation has a very straightforward Formula. Before calculating your bill with this calculator, you must know how many units you have consumed in the last month and the unit rates.

Bills can be calculated by the number of units used and the rate of units multiplying. Then after that calculator will add other expenses after that. When all the calculation is completed, the amount will be your next month’s bill.

Why Do You Need FESCO Bill Calculator

The need for the FESCO Bill Calculator arises from the challenges and confusion that customers often face when dealing with their electricity bills. Here are some key reasons why such a calculator is essential:

Clarity and Understanding

Electricity bills can be complex, with various components and calculations. Many customers find it difficult to decipher the bill and understand how their consumption translates into charges. The FESCO Bill Calculator fills this gap by providing a simplified breakdown and estimation of the bill, making it easier for customers to comprehend their expenses.

Accurate Estimation

The calculator uses the units of electricity consumed by the customer to generate an estimate of the bill. This allows customers to plan their budget effectively and have a clear idea of what to expect when the official bill arrives. Accurate estimations provide peace of mind and help customers make informed financial decisions.

Financial Planning

Understanding and managing monthly expenses is crucial for financial stability. The FESCO Bill Calculator empowers customers to take control of their electricity costs by providing them with an estimation tool. By having a clear picture of their anticipated bill, customers can allocate their resources more efficiently, set savings goals, and make adjustments to their energy consumption habits if needed.

Transparency and Control

This Calculator promotes transparency in the billing process. It enables customers to see the direct impact of their energy usage on their bills, fostering a sense of control over their expenses. With this tool, customers can track their consumption patterns, identify potential areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to optimize their energy usage.

Customization and Insights

The calculator can be tailored to suit individual needs. It provides additional features such as insights on peak-hour usage, energy-saving recommendations, and comparisons with previous billing cycles. These features enable customers to understand how their energy consumption habits affect their bills and empowers them to make conscious choices to reduce costs and promote sustainability.

Features of FESCO Calculator

Features of FESCO Bill Calculator

The FESCO Bill Calculator comes equipped with several features designed to enhance user experience and provide accurate estimations. Here are some key features:

User-Friendly Interface

The calculator boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for customers to navigate and input their energy usage data. The design ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience while using the calculator.

Customization Options

The calculator offers customization features to cater to individual needs. Users can input specific details such as peak-hour usage or changes in consumption patterns to obtain more personalized estimations. This flexibility allows users to explore different scenarios and understand the potential impact on their bills.

Insights and Recommendations

In addition to providing bill estimates, the FESCO calculator offers valuable insights and recommendations. Users can gain insights into their energy consumption habits, identify peak-hour usage, and identify the ways of optimizing their usage to reduce costs. This feature promotes energy-conscious behavior and encourages customers to make sustainable choices.

Comparison with Previous Billing Cycles

The calculator also allows users to compare their current bill estimate with previous billing cycles. This feature offers a valuable perspective on changes in consumption and helps users track their progress in managing their energy usage and costs over time.

Clear Breakdown of Charges

The calculator provides a clear breakdown of the various charges included in the estimated bill. This breakdown helps users understand the components that contribute to their overall bill, such as the cost per unit, fixed charges, taxes, and any applicable discounts. It promotes transparency and empowers users with knowledge about how their consumption translates into charges.

Mobile Accessibility

This calculator is designed to be accessible on mobile devices, ensuring convenience and ease of use for customers. Whether on a smartphone or tablet, users can access the calculator anytime, anywhere, allowing them to stay informed about their bill estimates on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Apply for Bill Correction in FESCO?

To apply for bill correction in FESCO, you can call its customer care center and inform them to correct your bill.

Does FESCO Online Bill Calculator charge any fee to calculate the bill?

No, this calculator is free and doesn’t charge you any fee. You can calculate your bill for free without spending any money.

What are Peak or Off Peak Hours?

Peak hours are those hours in which the electricity demand is the most. During these hours, FESCO increases the unit price so that people avoid using more units.
 Off Peak, hours are those in which electricity demand is stable, and the unit prices are also less.

What is Meter Rent in FESCO Bill?

Meter rent is a charge which is applied on a temporary connection. If your connection is permanent and FESCO is still charging you meter rent, you must visit your nearest office and tell them your issue; soon, your issue will be resolved.

What is meant by FPA in FESCO?

FPA stands for Fuel Price Adjustment. These are the charges you paid through your bill to companies producing electricity through fuel.


The FESCO Bill Calculator revolutionizes the way customers understand and manage their electricity bills. With its user-friendly interface, accurate estimations, customizable options, and insightful recommendations, it empowers users to take control of their energy consumption and budget effectively. By providing transparency, clarity, and the ability to make informed financial decisions, the FESCO Calculator paves the way for greater financial stability and promotes sustainable energy practices. Say goodbye to bill-related stress and hello to a more empowered and financially conscious future.

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