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The GEPCO Bill Calculator is a powerful tool that helps users to accurately estimate their electricity consumption and calculate their monthly bills. This simple calculator takes into account the latest tariff rates, taxes, and any additional charges specific to the Gujranwala Electric Power Company (GEPCO) region in Pakistan.

With the GEPCO electricity Bill Calculator, users can input their meter readings, select their applicable tariff category, and instantly receive a detailed breakdown of their bill. The calculator factors in variables such as energy units consumed, time-of-day rates, and any applicable surcharges or discounts. This comprehensive approach ensures that the calculated bill reflects the most accurate representation of the user’s energy consumption.

Whether you’re a residential customer, a business owner, or an institution, this bill calculator is an essential tool for managing and budgeting your electricity expenses. Say goodbye to guesswork and unexpected surprises on your bill. Simplify your bill calculations with our intuitive and reliable calculator, and take control of your energy consumption today.

GEPCO Residential Tariff Unit Rates

UnitsPer Unit Price
01-100 Units13.85
101 – 200 units15.86
201- 300 units16.83
301 – 700 units18.54
Above 700 units20.94
Prices updated as of Oct, 2022

Commercial GEPCO Tariff Unit Rates

CategoryPer Unit Price
For Load less than 5kw19.26
For Load above 5KW18.01
Prices updated as of Oct 2022

GEPCO Connection Types

GEPCO (Gujranwala Electric Power Company) offers various connection types to cater to the diverse needs of its consumers. Each connection type is tailored to specific sectors and serves different purposes. Understanding the different connection types is crucial for accurate billing calculations and efficient electricity management. Let’s explore the key connection types:

A-1 Residential

The A-1 Residential connection is designed for individual households. It provides electricity supply to residential units, including houses, apartments, and villas. This connection type ensures reliable power provision for daily household activities and meets the unique energy requirements of residential consumers.

A-2 Commercial

The A-2 Commercial connection is tailored for commercial and non-industrial entities. It caters to businesses, shops, offices, and other commercial establishments. This connection type is specifically designed to address the energy demands of commercial operations, facilitating smooth business activities.

Public Lighting

The Public Lighting connection focuses on street lighting and illuminating public spaces. It ensures well-lit streets, parks, and public areas, enhancing safety and visibility during nighttime. Public Lighting connections play a vital role in creating well-lit and secure communities.

Railway Traction

The Railway Traction connection is dedicated to supplying electricity to railway systems. It powers the electric trains, ensuring efficient transportation and seamless operations of railway networks. This connection type is vital for the functioning of railway infrastructure and ensuring reliable train services.

Special Contracts

Special Contracts are tailored agreements between GEPCO and consumers with specific energy needs. These contracts are typically negotiated for unique requirements, such as large-scale events, exhibitions, or temporary power requirements. Special Contracts provide a flexible and customized approach to meet the specific energy demands of such projects.

Special Contracts under NEPRA

These contracts fall under the regulatory framework of the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA). Special Contracts under NEPRA are typically established for specialized projects or industries with distinct energy needs, subject to specific regulations and guidelines set by NEPRA.

Industrial Supply

The Industrial Supply connection caters to industrial units and factories. It provides the necessary electricity to support industrial processes, machinery, and equipment. Industrial Supply connections are designed to meet the high energy demands of manufacturing and industrial operations.

General Supply

General Supply connections serve a wide range of consumers, including small businesses, educational institutions, hospitals, and other establishments. It ensures a reliable and stable power supply for general utility purposes, meeting the diverse needs of consumers in various sectors.

Single Point Supply

Single Point Supply refers to a connection that provides electricity to a single point of consumption or a specific location. It is commonly used in scenarios where a single consumer or entity requires power supply at a specific site, such as construction sites, events, or temporary installations.

Residential Colonies

Residential Colonies connections are specifically designed to cater to large residential complexes or housing colonies. These connections ensure efficient power distribution within the residential community, managing the collective energy needs of multiple households.

Temporary Supply

Temporary Supply connections are established for a limited duration, often required during construction projects, maintenance work, or temporary events. These connections provide temporary electricity access while ensuring compliance with safety regulations and minimizing disruptions.

Phase Types

In the world of electrical power supply, two primary phase types exist: Single Phase and Three Phase. These phase types play a crucial role in determining the efficiency, capacity, and electrical load handling capabilities of various connections within the Gujranwala Electric Power Company network. Let’s delve into the characteristics and applications of each phase type:

Single Phase

Single Phase connections are widely used in residential settings and small-scale commercial establishments. They consist of a single alternating current (AC) waveform that powers electrical devices and appliances. Single Phase connections typically involve two conductors—a live wire (often referred to as the “phase”) and a neutral wire.

This phase type is suitable for powering basic household appliances, lighting, and low-power equipment. Single Phase connections are commonly found in individual homes, small offices, and small shops. They offer a simpler and cost-effective solution for lower energy requirements.

Three Phase

Three Phase connections are extensively utilized in industrial, commercial, and large-scale residential settings that require a higher power capacity. They consist of three alternating current waveforms that are evenly spaced, providing a more balanced and robust power supply. Three Phase connections comprise three conductors—known as phases—and a neutral wire.

This phase type offers significant advantages, including improved power efficiency, balanced load distribution, and the ability to power heavy machinery, motors, and large electrical systems. Three Phase connections are prevalent in factories, manufacturing facilities, large commercial complexes, and other energy-intensive applications.

How to Get GEPCO New Connection

To obtain a new connection from Gujranwala Electric Power Company, you will need to follow a series of steps and provide the necessary documentation. Here’s a general guide on how to get a new Gujranwala electric power company connection:

Application Submission

Visit the nearest GEPCO customer service center or their official website to obtain the application form for a new connection. Fill out the application form with accurate and complete information.

Required Documents

Gather the required documents, which typically include:

  • Copy of your National Identity Card (NIC) or valid proof of identification
  • Ownership documents or rental agreement of the premises where the connection is required
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the relevant authority, if applicable
  • Load assessment or load demand certificate, specifying the required load capacity
  • Any additional documents specific to your connection type (e.g., commercial license, industrial registration, etc.)

Fee Payment

Pay the prescribed fee for the new connection application, as specified by GEPCO. The fee amount may vary depending on the connection type and load capacity. Obtain the receipt as proof of payment.

Site Inspection

GEPCO will conduct a site inspection to assess the feasibility and technical requirements for providing the new connection. Make sure the premises are accessible for inspection and meet the necessary infrastructure criteria.

Load Demand Approval

Once the site inspection is complete, GEPCO will review your load demand certificate and determine the appropriate load capacity for your connection. The load demand approval process ensures that the assigned load capacity aligns with the electrical load requirements of your premises.

Connection Agreement

After load demand approval, you will receive a connection agreement from GEPCO. Carefully review the agreement, including the terms and conditions, connection charges, and any other relevant information. Sign the agreement to proceed.

Connection Installation

Upon signing the connection agreement, GEPCO will initiate the installation process. This involves connecting your premises to the electrical network, installing the necessary metering equipment, and configuring the electrical connection.

Meter Installation and Connection Activation

GEPCO will install the electricity meter at your premises. Once the installation is complete, the connection will be activated, and you can start consuming electricity.

Calculate your Bill with GEPCO Bill Calculator

GEPCO Bill Calculator

Now that you have every detail about the GEPCO bill calculator 2023, its time to learn how to use this calculator to simplify your life.

  • First, select GEPCO from the list.
  • Now select what type of connection you are using.
  • Once you have selected your connection, select what type of phase meter you use.
  • Enter the number of units you have consumed in the last month.
  • Put the number of TV sets you are using on GEPCO Connection
  • If you don’t want to include ED, then check the box.
  • Similarly, if you don’t want to include GST tax on your bill, check the box.
  • Enter the meter rent if applied on your meter; if not, then add zero
  • Just like meter rent, if service rent is applied, then add it; otherwise, add zero
  • Once all the information is filled, press submits button, and in no time, your estimated bill will be on your screen. In this FPA, charges are not included.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does GEPCO Calculator give you an accurate bill amount?

No the amount that this calculator gives you are estimated amount. FPA Charges are also not included in this amount. So the original bill amount could be a little bit different than this amount.

Do GEPCO Unit prices are determined by NEPRA?

Yes, every electrical company in Pakistan must follow the rates NEPRA has provided them. If the unit price on your bill doesn’t match with NEPRA Unit prices, you can always file a complaint against that company.


Introduction of the GEPCO Bill Calculator marks a significant breakthrough for consumers seeking a hassle-free approach to managing their electricity expenses. Featuring an intuitive interface, precise computations, and in-depth breakdowns, this tool equips users with the knowledge to make well-informed choices, streamline their energy usage, and efficiently budget their finances. Explore the convenience of GEPCO online billing alongside easy access to your FESCO online bill, all with just a few clicks, and seize control of your energy consumption today.

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