This is a era of technological advancements where innovation continues to shape our lives in remarkable ways. From revolutionizing communication to transforming industries, new technologies have become the driving force behind progress. One such breakthrough is the advent of TESCO Bill Online. It is a cutting-edge solution that has forever changed the landscape of electricity bill management in Pakistan. Harnessing the power of digitalization, TESCO Bill empowers consumers with the ability to effortlessly check and pay their monthly electricity bills through a streamlined and user-friendly online platform.

Tribal areas electricity supply company has emerged as a beacon of hope that brings light to the lives of communities in the tribal areas of Pakistan. TESCO is a pioneering organization that has revolutionized electricity services in these remote regions. With a commitment to bridging the energy gap and improving the lives of thousands, TESCO Pakistan has not only ignited homes and businesses but also sparked a sense of empowerment and opportunity.

The company was established in 2004 with a visionary mission to bring reliable electricity to the tribal areas of Pakistan, which historically suffered from limited access to this crucial resource. With a clear objective of uplifting communities and promoting socio-economic development, Tribal electricity supply company started its journey to transform the lives of thousands in these remote regions.

Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company provides electric supply in the tribal areas near Peshawar, initially found in 2004. The main ambition of the company is to provide outstanding services to their consumer and electricity in all tribal areas.

How Do You Check TESCO Bill Online?

You need a device with an internet connection and web browser to check your bill online, and follow these steps to get your Tesco Bill Online.

  • Open your web browser and then Go to
  • Enter the 14-digit reference number and then click on check bill
  • Within a few seconds, this site will fetch your account.
  • After that your Tesco bill will appear on your screen.
  • If you want to see your entire bill for the month with all the information, select view full bill.

These were the simple and easy steps to check your bill online. Follow them in the exact manner to get the accurate information for your monthly electricity bill.

How to Print My Online Bill?

Once you get your bill, you can also print this in hardcopy or save it on your device as a PDF. Follow these steps to print your bill online.

  • Press the CTRL + P
  • Then select Save as PDF if you want to save your bill on your device
  • If you’re going to print your bill, select the Page size and press the print option to print your bill.

Our platform not only provides the facility of bill checking but you can also keep a record of your all electricity bills by printing or saving every month’s TESCO bill.

How to Pay TESCO Bill?

TESCO Bill online payment

When it comes to paying your Tesco bill, you’ll be delighted to discover that the company offers a range of convenient payment options. Here are some of the methods you can use to settle your Tesco bill

Online Payment

  • Tesco provides an easy-to-use online payment platform on their official website. Simply visit their website and navigate to the bill payment section.
  • Enter your account details and the amount you wish to pay.
  • Choose your preferred payment method, such as credit/debit card or online banking.
  • Follow the prompts to complete the payment securely.

Mobile Banking Applications

  • Many banks in Pakistan offer mobile banking applications that allow you to pay your Tesco bill directly from your smartphone.
  • Download your bank’s mobile app and set up your account if you haven’t done so already.
  • Navigate to the bill payment section within the app and select Tesco as the biller.
  • Enter your Tesco account details and the payment amount, and follow the instructions to complete the transaction.

Bank Counter

  • You can visit your nearest bank branch and pay your Tesco bill over the counter.
  • Carry your Tesco bill along with your account details.
  • Fill out a deposit slip with the necessary information and hand it to the bank teller, along with the bill amount in cash or a check.
  • The teller will process your payment and provide you with a receipt.

Payment Centers

  • Tesco has designated payment centers where you can go and pay your bill in person.
  • Locate the nearest Tesco payment center by checking their website or contacting their customer service.
  • Take your Tesco bill along with your account details and visit the payment center.
  • Hand over your bill and make the payment in cash or through the available payment options at the center.
  • You will receive a receipt as proof of payment.

Payment through Jazzcash/Easypaisa

  • Ensure you have an active Easypaisa/Jazzcash account. If not, download the Easypaisa/Jazzcash mobile app from your smartphone’s app store and follow the registration process.
  • Open the Easypaisa/Jazzcash app and log in to your Tesco mobile account.
  • Tap on the “Pay Bills” or “Electricity Bill Payment” option.
  • Select “TESCO” as the electricity provider.
  • Enter your Tesco account details and the payment amount.
  • Confirm the details and authorize the transaction using your Jazzcash/Easypaisa Mobile Account PIN or biometric authentication.
  • You will receive a confirmation message with the payment reference number.

Areas Under TESCO

Tribal electricity supply company provides electricity in the tribal and Fata areas. Here are the regions that are benefitted with the services of the company.

  • Miran Shah
  • Wana
  • Razmak
  • Mir Ali Mirali
  • Jandola
  • Ladha
  • Makin
  • Lower Dir
  • Upper Dir
  • Sadda
  • Parachinar
  • Bajaur Agency

TESCO Office Timings and Days

TESCO Office timings

Tesco’s office timings and working days may vary depending on the specific region and office location. However, as a general guideline, Tesco offices typically follow regular business hours and operate from Monday to Friday. Here is a common example of Tesco’s office timings:

Working Days: Monday to Friday

Working Hours: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

It’s important to note that Tesco may have variations in office timings, especially during holidays, Ramadan, or other special circumstances. Therefore, it is recommended to check with the specific Tesco office or contact their customer service to get accurate and up-to-date information about their office timings and working days.

TESCO Customer Service

Suppose you don’t want to visit the Tribal electricity supply company’s office or don’t have time to visit it, you can contact its customer service using the numbers listed below,

091-9212006, 091-9212987

You can also contact customer services through email. The commonly used email addresses for customer service are

TESCO Online Bill Calculator

TESCO Electricity rate calculator is an impressive feature provided by our platform; with the help of this calculator, you can quickly check your estimated bill amount even before getting the original bill or duplicate bill.

To check your estimated bill amount, you need to know the units you consumed the previous month. Enter the unit you have finished, and the Tesco bill calculator will take care of the rest. All the Taxes will be added automatically. Except for FPA charges, only NEPRA can decide whether you are eligible for this tax


How to apply for a new connection in TESCO?

If you want to apply for a new Tesco connection, you must visit the Tesco office with your neighbor, Tesco Bill, and your original CNIC. Fill out the foam and then apply for a new meter connection.
Once you have applied, then within 30 days, your new meter connection will be installed.

What is a 14-digit reference number?

A 14-digit reference number is a serial number provided by electric companies to each consumer. They can use this reference number to check their online bill, fill in complaints, and much more.

Where is this 14-digit reference number located?

This 14-digit reference number is located on your Tesco Bill. On your bill, you will notice a reference number box in that box reference number is mentioned.

Is there any other way to check my Tesco Bill Online?

No, if you want to check your bill online, you can only use the sites with the ability to provide your Tesco bill online.
There is no other way to check it. Just provide your 14-digit reference number, and within a few seconds, your online bill will appear on your screen with the total amount and due date. You can also print your bill with the help of Tesco Bill Online.


TESCO Bill Online by has revolutionized the way we manage and check our electricity bills. With its user-friendly interface and multiple payment options, our platform has made the process convenient and hassle-free. It has empowered individuals to take control of their electricity expenses, providing real-time access to billing information and enabling easy online payments.

It has brought efficiency and convenience to countless households, simplifying the task of managing monthly electricity bills. Tesco’s commitment to socio-economic development and corporate social responsibility further enhances its impact, making it a commendable solution. By embracing Tesco Bill Online by users can streamline their bill payments, save time, and contribute to a brighter, more efficient future.

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