MEPCO operations are spread to a vast area, and that’s why the company has to deal with several issues and complaints daily. To tackle this issue, the MEPCO complaint and helpline center has been launched to resolve any electricity-related issues in the region. You can register your complaint at the MEPCO office about wiring, meter conditions, load shedding, and monthly electricity bills.

The complaint registration process is very easy. In addition, there are a number of ways you can contact the MEPCO office regarding your problem.

Online MEPCO Complaint

The online method is the easiest way to register your MEPCO complaint. You can visit the official MEPCO site and find a complaint application form there. You can fill out the form discussing your electricity-related issues, such as the insufficient supply of electricity in your area, load shedding, meter reading or billing problems, getting a new connection, and any other concern regulated by the MEPCO authorities.

After your form submission, the customer service center will strive best to respond to your queries immediately and resolve your issue on a priority basis.

Its very important to thoroughly check your MEPCO Bill before registering your complaint.

MEPCO Complaint via Call or Email

If you want to avoid recording your complaint online or need access to the online application form, you can lodge your grievance through call or email. In addition, you can talk to customer service or the MEPCO office directly regarding your issue.

Following are the numbers you can use for calls.

And To register the objection through email, you can email the company at and write about the electricity problem you are facing in your area.

MEPCO Toll-Free number

You can register your complaint on MEPCO toll-free number for electricity theft and other suspicious activities. Electricity theft is a serious offense in Pakistan, and it becomes obligatory for the citizens of the country to inform the authorities immediately when they witness suspicious activities about electricity.

You can call the toll-free number 0800-63726 and record your complaint there. If you belong to Peshawar region and want the contact details of PESCO, visit here

If you want to calculate your monthly MEPCO bill in advance, then click here to get an estimated electricity bill every month.

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How can I calculate GEPCO bill at home?

GEPCO bill calculation has become very convenient as we have got you an accurate bill calculator that calculates your estimated electricity bill in no time.

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