Do you want to know the procedure for the HESCO complaint? Keep reading the below article for complete information about complaint registration.

HESCO, or the Hyderabad Electric Supply Company, is the leading electricity distribution company serving the city of Hyderabad, Pakistan. The company is responsible for distributing electricity to homes and businesses in the town and maintaining and repairing the electrical infrastructure.

How to Register HESCO Complaint

If you have a complaint about the quality of the electricity service, you are receiving it from HESCO, and there are several ways you can file a complaint. The most straightforward way is to file your complaint online. You can visit HESCO’s official website and fill out an online form mentioning all the required details and information for online complaints. The best thing about the online complaint is that you can track the status of your application.

Apart from online complaint registration, you can use other channels mentioned below.

Call our Contact Centre at 118 or SMS at 8118


If your HESCO complaint is not resolved, you can write to the head of Quality and Assurance at the following email address.


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HESCO Helpline

Regarding any electricity issue in your area, you can contact at HESCO helpline, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is staffed by trained customer service representatives who can assist you with your complaint.

To file a complaint via the helpline, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Your name and contact information (phone number and address)
  • Your HESCO customer account number
  • A detailed description of your complaint, including the nature of the problem and when it occurred
  • Any relevant documents or evidence, such as photographs or bills

Once you have provided this information, the customer service representative will record your complaint and forward it to the appropriate department for further investigation. You should receive a response to your complaint within a few days, either via phone or email.

Helpline Numbers




It is important to note that the HESCO complaint helpline is only for issues related to the quality of electricity service. If you have a problem with your bill or need to report a power outage, you should contact the HESCO customer care department directly.

Overall, the HESCO complaint helpline is an essential resource for customers experiencing issues with their electricity service. Using the helpline, you can quickly and easily report problems and resolve them.

HESCO Area of Operations

For providing quality and uninterrupted services to the consumers of the Hyderabad region, the HESCO is administratively divided into 12 districts, four operation circles, 15 operation divisions, and 69 operation sub-divisions, along with six construction divisions and 5 M&T divisions.

The company is committed to serving day and night to the people of Hyderabad and its adjacent areas. The area of operations details is mentioned in the table below.

HESCO Region1569

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Who is the current CEO of HESCO?

The current CEO of HESCO is Mr. Gul Munir Surahio.

How can a prospective customer of HESCO get a new connection?

The prospective customer can get a new connection from the sub-division office of his area. He has to submit a duly filled application in the sub-division and obtain the receipt of acknowledgment from the clerk. The sub-division office will process the application, and a new connection will be granted in 35 to 45 days.  

Where can a consumer deposit the electricity bills?

WAPDA has many authorized banks in every city of Pakistan where consumers can deposit their electricity bills. Also, the bills can be deposited in the Post office with the city/district.

How many grace days are given for the deposit of electricity bills?

Generally, 15 days grace period is allowed for depositing the electricity bills.

How can I check HESCO bill online?

You can check and verify HESCO bill by clicking here

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