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LESCO Bill Calculator 2024

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How to use the LESCO Bill Calculator

LESCO Bill Calculator

Citizens of Lahore can use this Bill Calculator to get the estimated amount of their bill. So they can plan their usage accordingly. This bill calculator saves you time and gets estimated results in no time; follow these steps to get your LESCO Estimate Bill amount.

Step 1: LESCO Connection Type

The first and most important step for using LESCO bill calculator is to know what type of connection you are using. To know what connection you are using, check your bill, and on the top of your bill, the connection type is mentioned.

Tariff NameTariff Type
A1 (01)Domestic
A1 (03)Domestic
A2 (04)Commercial
A2c (06) TCommercial
B1 (07)Industrial
B1 (08)Industrial
B1b (09) TIndustrial
B2a (10)Industrial
B2a (11)Industrial
B2b (12) TIndustrial
A3 (66)General Service

Step 2: Select the Phase Type

The second step is to select your phase type. Lahore Electric Supply Company categorizes its consumers into different phases based on their geographic location and the electricity distribution network. These phases help in managing the supply and distribution of electricity effectively. Here are the commonly used phases in LESCO billing


Single-phase connections are typically provided to residential consumers and small businesses. They have two wires—one live (phase) wire and one neutral wire. Single-phase connections are suitable for lower power requirements and are commonly found in homes, small shops, and offices.


Three-phase connections are designed to meet the higher power demands of commercial and industrial consumers. They consist of three live (phase) wires and one neutral wire. Three-phase connections are more stable and capable of handling larger electrical loads. They are commonly used by factories, large commercial establishments, and industrial units.

Step 3: Units Consumed

To get your estimated amount, you have to enter the number of units that you have consumed on previous days or the previous month. You will get your bill after entering the units.

In LESCO billing system, the unit consumed refers to the amount of electrical energy (measured in kilowatt-hours, kWh) used by a consumer during a specific billing period. It represents the total energy consumption over a given period, typically a month.

Step 4: Meter Rent

Enter your meter rent if it applies to your Tariff.

Meter rent refers to a nominal fee charged by the Lahore Electric Supply Company for the rental of the electricity meter installed at the consumer’s premises. The meter rent is a recurring charge added to the electricity bill to cover the cost of maintaining and servicing the meter.

The meter rent amount can vary based on the type of consumer (residential, commercial, industrial) and the metering arrangement. The specific meter rent charges applicable to each consumer category are determined by LESCO and are included in the tariff structure.

Step 5: Service Rent

Just like meter rent, you must enter service rent if it applies to your tariff.

The service rent refers to a fee charged by the Lahore Electric Supply Company for providing and maintaining the electricity distribution infrastructure and services. It is a recurring charge included in the LESCO bill to cover the costs associated with maintaining the distribution network and ensuring the reliable supply of electricity.

The service rent amount can vary based on the consumer category (residential, commercial, industrial) and the type of connection. It is determined by company and is included in the tariff structure.

Step 6: Arrears

Enter arrears amount in the LESCO bill calculator. This amount is mentioned on your bill; if there is no arrears amount mentioned, then put zero and proceed to the next step.

Arrears refer to outstanding or unpaid amounts that a consumer owes to the Lahore Electric Supply Company. Arrears can accumulate when a consumer fails to make timely payments for their electricity bills or when they have outstanding dues from previous billing cycles.

Arrears can occur due to various reasons, such as missed payments, late payments, or disputes regarding bill calculations. If these amounts remain unpaid, they are considered arrears and are carried forward to subsequent billing cycles until they are settled.

Step 7: No TV sets

In this step, you have to enter the number of the TV you are using on the LESCO connection. The number of TV sets determines the usage of electricity in particular month.

Step 8: Tax Exemption

There are a few more options that would be given to you, so you have to check or un-check them.

  • STRN Available
  • ED Exempt
  • GST Exempt
  • Sales Tax For Retailers Exempt
  • IT Exempt
  • E-Tax Exempt
  • Additional Sales Tax to Marble and Granite Industry

Check and uncheck them and then press the submit button, and in no time, you will get your LESCO Bill Amount. Make sure to fill in all the information according to your connection to get your bill amount close to your original amount.

LESCO Bill Tariff

Here is the LESCO billing tariff for the residential connection in Lahore

1Up to 50 Units9.42 Per Unit
2100 to 200 Units11.74 Per Unit
3200 to 300 Units13.83 Per Unit
4300 to 400 Units21.23 Per Unit
5400 to 700 Units21.23 Per Unit
6Above 700 Units24.23 Per Unit
Bill Tariffs as of Oct 2022

LESCO Bill Taxes


There can be various tax types or charges applied in addition to the electricity consumption charges. These taxes are levied by the government or regulatory authorities and are collected by LESCO on their behalf. The specific tax types that may appear in an electricity bill can include:

General Sales Tax (GST)

The General Sales Tax is a tax imposed by the government on the sale of goods and services. GST is applied to the electricity consumption charges. The applicable GST rate may vary and is determined by the government.

Federal Excise Duty (FED)

The Federal Excise Duty is a tax imposed by the government on specific goods and services. In LESCO bills, FED may be applied to electricity consumption charges for certain consumer categories or usage thresholds. The FED rate can vary depending on the government’s regulations.

Neelum-Jhelum Surcharge

The Neelum-Jhelum Surcharge is a surcharge imposed to finance the Neelum-Jhelum Hydropower Project. This surcharge is levied on electricity consumption charges and appears as a separate line item on the electricity bill.

TV License Fee

The TV License Fee is a fee collected on behalf of the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA). It is applied to LESCO bills to fund the development and regulation of electronic media in Pakistan.

Meter Rent

As mentioned earlier, meter rent is a nominal fee charged for the rental of the electricity meter installed at the consumer’s premises. It is not a tax but an additional charge included in the bill to cover the cost of maintaining and servicing the meter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are FPA chargers included automatically in LESCO Bill Calculator?

No, FPA charges are not included in the amount given by the LESCO bill calculator.

What is meant by LESCO Tariff?

It is a price plan for LESCO consumers. How much they are getting charged per unit, all the taxes amount and the cost of producing electricity and supplying it all are included in the Tariff.

What are Peak Hours in LESCO?

Peak Hours are those Hours in which demand for electricity increases and the unit prices increase too. If you want to save your bill, try consuming fewer units during these Peak hours. For Hyderabad region electricity details, you can visit this page


In simpler terms, using the LECO Bill Calculator is like having a magic tool that helps you understand and control your electricity costs. It shows you how much you’re using and where you can save money. And don’t forget about PESCO Online Billing, FESCO Peak Hours, and SEPCO Online Bill – these are all resources that can help you manage your energy even better. By using these tools, you can make sure you’re not using too much electricity during expensive times, saving both money and the environment.

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