In today’s fast-paced world, where technology is rapidly advancing, the convenience and efficiency of online services have become essential. One such service that has gained popularity in Pakistan is the HESCO online bill. It is short for Hyderabad Electric Supply Company and is responsible for providing electricity to the Hyderabad and Sukkur divisions of Sindh province.

HESCO is a public limited company and it was formed in April 1998 after the government of Pakistan decided to re-make WAPDA.

HESCO plays a vital role in the industrial and agricultural growth of Pakistan because HESCO provides electricity to the second largest city of Sindh.

As we talk about the main purpose of Hyderabad electric supply company, its primary aim is to provide electricity to Hyderabad and its surrounding areas so that the people living in the surroundings progress and grow like the rest of Pakistan.

HESCO aims to fulfill its customer expectation and standards by providing them high customer service in a friendly environment. The company also tries to provide its employees with a better environment.

How to check HESCO Online Bill

HESCO Online Bill Check

Follow these steps to check your HESCO Bill

  • Open your browser and visit our website for bill checking.
  • Enter the 14-digit reference number from your previous bill
  • Then press the check bill button
  • Now your new HESCO bill will appear in a new browser window
  • If you still get a previous bill, HESCO has not yet updated your bill. Try to check again after a few days

Follow these steps if you want to print your HESCO Online bill

  • If you are using a Laptop, then press CTRL+P to print your bill
  • A new window will popup; press the print button to Print the HESCO duplicate bill
  • If you wish to download your bill, then before pressing the print button, select SAVE AS PDF
  • Your HESCO Online Bill will be downloaded on your device.

Where is HESCO Online Bill Reference Number

HESCO Reference Number

To check your online bill, you must have a reference number. Without a reference number, you can’t check your bill online. Pick up your previous bill, and in your bill, all your details are mentioned your connection date, your name, address, and many more.

To find a reference number check your bill, and under consumer ID, you will notice a reference number box; in that box, your reference number is mentioned.

Use this number to check your HESCO bill online. You can also your this number to pay your bill through online banking apps. Now let me show you how to pay your HESCO bills.

Payment Methods

As we all know that technology is growing day by day in the whole world as well in Pakistan. Now you can pay your bill online without waiting hours in lines to pay your electric bill. Here are some methods to pay your bill online and offline.

  1. Commercial Bank
  2. Online Banking Apps
  3. Post Offices
  4. JazzCash
  5. EasyPaisa
  6. One-Link ATMs

How to pay your Bill through 1-Link ATMs

Here are the steps to pay your HESCO electricity bill through 1link Items

  • Go to a nearest ATM point
  • Insert your card into the ATM
  • Select your account current or savings
  • Then select Bill Payment
  • Select Electricity Bill
  • Then Select HESCO
  • Enter your 14-digit reference number
  • Bill amount will appear on your screen
  • Press on paid, and your bill will be paid.
  • Make sure to take the receipt as a proof

Bill Information and Dates

When you receive your HESCO bill, there are some dates mentioned in separate boxes, so it is essential for you to know what these dates are and why these dates are on your HESCO bill.

Due Date

This date is the deadline date before which you should pay your bill because once this date has passed, then you have to pay the penalty.

Reading Dates

This date is mentioned to inform you that on this date, a HESCO office visited your house and snapped the reading from your electric meter.

Issue Date

On this date, HESCO has dispatched your bill.

Bill Month

This is the month to tell their customer that this bill is from the following month. So customers don’t get confused.

Connection Date

The following dates represent that on this date, HESCO approved your meter connection, and you are using HESCO services from this day forward.

HESCO Bill Mail Service

HESCO also provides their costumer this excellent feature to get your bill via email. To avail of this service, you must go to its official site and sign up to get Email Service. You have to provide your Email address and reference number and sign up.

From the next month, you will get your bill via email. You can also sign up for SMS service; in this service, you will be notified when a HESCO service snaps your meter reading, or your bill is dispatched to your home. All these services which HESCO provides you are free of cost.

Advantages of HESCO Online Bill Payment

Advantages of Online Bill  payment

Let’s discuss some advantages of HESCO Online bill payment.


One of the key advantages of paying HESCO bills online is the convenience it offers. Gone are the days when consumers had to visit physical payment centers or stand in long queues to pay their electricity bills. With online payment options, customers can settle their bills from the comfort of their homes or offices, saving time and effort.


Online bill payment eliminates the constraints of time and location. Consumers can access the HESCO online payment portal 24/7, allowing them to pay their bills at any time that suits them. Whether it’s during the day or late at night, the online platform is always available, providing ease of access to customers.

Speedy Transactions

Online bill payment systems provide instant transaction processing. Once the payment is made, the system updates the bill status immediately, reducing the chances of payment delays or errors. This ensures a seamless experience for customers, allowing them to keep track of their payments accurately.

Record Keeping

Another significant advantage of online bill payment is the availability of digital records. Consumers can access their payment history, download receipts, and keep a track of their billing details electronically. This eliminates the hassle of maintaining physical records and facilitates easy retrieval whenever required.


How to check if my bill is paid or not?

A 12-months payment history is mentioned on your bill. In this history following things are said.
·        Bill month
·        Unit consumed
·        Bill amount
·        Amount paid.
So if you want to check if your previous month’s bill is paid or not, wait for the next month’s bill, and on the billing history, your last month’s bill will be mentioned.

What is meant by Arrears on my HESCO Bill?

When you don’t pay your previous month’s bill, then arrears are added to your bill; this amount is the total amount of electricity you consumed in the last month, with late payment charges added to the recent bill.

After How many months of not paying my bill, will HESCO disconnect my meter?

When you don’t pay your bill for two consecutive months, HESCO will give you a disconnection notice. Once this notice is provided to you and if you still don’t pay your bill HESCO office will raid your house and disconnect your electricity meter.

What is customer ID?

Customer ID is an identification number given to you by HESCO at the time of your connection. You can also check your HESCO Online Bill with this ID instead of the reference number.


HESCO online bill payment system is a convenient and efficient way to manage your electricity bills. Whether you’re looking to make a payment, track your consumption, or estimate your upcoming expenses, the HESCO online bill calculator is a valuable tool. Similarly, if you are interested in managing bills for other electricity distribution companies, the PESCO online bill checker and FESCO bill calculator offer the same level of user-friendly service. These digital resources empower customers to take control of their energy consumption and billing processes, making it easier than ever to stay on top of their expenses. Explore these tools and streamline your bill payment experience today for a more convenient and hassle-free approach to managing your electricity bills.

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