If you’re having problems with your electricity from K-Electric in Pakistan, you can let them know by following their K-Electric complaint process. K-Electric is the biggest company that provides power in Karachi and nearby places. They create and send electricity to more than 2.5 million people. Even though they’ve gotten better at giving good service, sometimes customers still have issues like power going out. If this happens, you can tell K-Electric about it and they’ll try to fix it.

Here, we’ll explain how you can let K-Electric know about your problems and what they do to solve them.

How to Register K-Electric Complaint

There are different ways you can tell K-Electric about your problems. The easiest way is to go on their website and use their online complaint section. This works all the time, day and night. If you have issues with your bill, you can go to their official website and fill out a form to let them know.

You can also use the K-Electric App, which you can download from places like the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. With this app, you can let them know about your problems. It’s not just for complaints, but you can also use it to see if there’s electricity right now, get a copy of your bill, and even report if you think someone is stealing electricity.

If there’s an emergency, you can call the emergency number 118 or (021) 99000 to get help quickly.

And if you prefer talking to people in person, you can visit the customer centers in your area. Also, K-Electric has official pages on Facebook and Twitter where you can reach out to them. On Facebook, it’s facebook.com/kelectricpk, and on Twitter, it’s @KElectricPk.

The K-Electric Complaint Process

When you lodge your complaint on K-Electric, they give your complaint a special number that is only for your issue. Then, they send it to the right department to look into it more. K-Electric has a team of people who are there to help customers like you. These people are called customer care representatives. They work on fixing problems that customers have and making sure everyone is happy with the solution. They do this as quickly as they can.

K-Electric also has a system to keep track of all the complaints they get. This helps them see if there are any common issues that many customers are facing. By looking at these patterns, they can figure out where they need to make things better. This way, they keep improving their services and making sure everyone gets the best experience with their electricity.


How can I check my K-Electric bill online?

Checking electricity bill is made easy and you can check your bill any time online on this link.

Who is the owner of K-Electric?

The owner of K-Electric is KES power limited. Its the parent company of K-Electric.

How do I check my K-Electric bill through SMS?

You can check your bill by sending message at 8119.
For registered users: Type bill and send message on 8119
For unregistered users: Type bill (Space) your 13 digits reference number and send it on 8119.

What does K-Electric stands for?

It stands for “Karachi Electric Supply Corporation” which was established on 16-03-1953.


Customers have a variety of channels at their disposal to communicate their concerns to K-Electric. They have the option of utilizing online platforms or reaching out through helpline numbers. K-Electric also provides additional avenues for customers to seek assistance and report issues, as they maintain a presence on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Here, customers can engage with customer care representatives to address inquiries related to K Electric and WAPDA Bills, and gain insights into electricity-related problems.

K-Electric extends numerous options for customers seeking to voice their complaints or requiring assistance. Whether through the efficient online K-Electric complaint system, the customer helpline, or engagement via social media, K-Electric remains committed to swiftly and professionally resolving any issues that may arise.

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