LESCO is the Lahore Electric Supply Company that provides electricity service to the districts of Lahore, Sheikhupura, Okara and Kasur in Pakistan. LESCO bills are issued monthly and can be paid online through various methods.

Paying your electricity bill on time is important. It not only keeps the power running smoothly but also helps LESCO plan and manage resources better. This timely payment supports the maintenance of services and lets LESCO invest in improving infrastructure for everyone.

In 2024, there’s a noticeable change in how people are paying their bills. More and more are choosing to pay online. This change is happening because of new technology and the fact that people like the convenience and speed of managing their bills digitally.

Understanding the LESCO Bill

When you receive your LESCO bill, it’s like a puzzle with different pieces. Let’s break it down. The bill has different parts that show how much electricity you have used, the cost, and when you need to pay. Knowing these details is super important when you want to pay your bill online.

Each LESCO bill usually includes sections like the amount of electricity you consumed, the charges for it, and any additional fees. It’s like a summary of your electricity usage for a specific period. Understanding these components is crucial because it helps you know exactly what you’re paying for and why.

When it comes to paying online, having a clear understanding of your bill ensures that you pay the right amount at the right time. It’s like following a map – the more you understand, the smoother the journey. So, take a moment to look at each part of your LESCO bill, and it will make the online payment process easy.

Advantages of Online Payment

Paying your LESCO bill online comes with some cool benefits that make life easier. Let’s check them out!

Convenience for Consumers

Imagine paying your bill from the comfort of your home or anywhere with internet access. That’s the magic of online payments. No need to stand in line or rush to a physical location – it’s all at your fingertips.

Time-Saving Benefits

Time is precious, right? Online payments save you a lot of it. No more waiting, no more long processes. With just a few clicks, your bill is sorted. More time for things you love.

Reduction of Paperwork and Environmental Impact

Going digital means saying goodbye to piles of paper. By paying online, you contribute to saving trees and reducing the environmental footprint. It’s a small step that makes a big difference.

Enhanced Security Features

Online payments are designed with your safety in mind. Advanced security measures like encryption keep your information safe. It’s like having a virtual fortress for your transactions, ensuring a secure and worry-free experience.

Prerequisites for Online Payment

Before you dive into paying your LESCO bill online, let’s make sure you have everything you need. Here are the key prerequisites:

Internet Connectivity Requirements

To make online payments, you need a stable internet connection. Make sure your Wi-Fi or data connection is working smoothly to avoid any hiccups during the payment process.

Compatible Devices and Browsers

Not all devices and browsers play well with online payment platforms. Check that the device you’re using – whether it’s a computer, tablet, or smartphone – is compatible. Additionally, use a browser that supports secure online transactions for a seamless experience.

Registration Process for Online Accounts

Before you can start paying your LESCO bill online, you will need to create an online account. This involves a simple registration process. Have your account information and a valid email ready to complete the registration. Once registered, you will have a personalized online space to manage your bills conveniently.

Step-by-Step Guide to LESCO Bill Online Payment

Paying your LESCO bill online is a breeze when you follow these simple steps:

Creating an Online Account

Registration Process: Start by registering for an online account on the LESCO platform such as All Govt banks and all commercial banks in Pakistan, JazzCash or EasyPaisa app and Omni Sahulat Shops. Provide the required information, including your personal details and account information.

Account Verification Steps: After registration, you may need to verify your account. This step ensures the security of your online profile. Follow the verification process, which may involve confirming your email or mobile number.

Linking Your LESCO Account to Your Online Profile

Inputting Necessary Account Information: Once your account is verified, input the necessary LESCO account details. This includes your customer ID, account number, or any other required information.

Security Measures to Protect User Data: As you link your LESCO account, pay attention to security measures. This may involve setting up a secure password and opting for additional authentication steps to protect your data.

Viewing and Understanding Your Online Bill

Accessing the Online Portal: Log in to your online account and navigate to the billing section. There, you will find your current bill and past statements.

Navigating Through the Bill Details: Take a moment to understand the different sections of your bill. Look for details like the billing period, consumption, and any additional charges.

Selecting the Payment Method

Available Payment Options: LESCO offers various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, net banking, and mobile wallets. Choose the option that suits you best.

Steps to Link and Verify Payment Methods: If you’re using a new payment method, follow the steps to link and verify it securely within the online portal.

Making the Payment

Inputting the Bill Amount: Enter the amount you wish to pay. The system may display your outstanding balance.

Confirmation and Authorization Steps: Review your payment details and proceed to confirm. You may be required to authorize the payment through a secure process, such as entering a one-time password or using biometric authentication.

Security Measures

Ensuring the security of online payment transactions is paramount in the digital age. Here’s how you can safeguard your LESCO bill payments:

Importance of Securing Online Payment Transactions

Protecting your online payments is crucial to prevent unauthorized access and potential fraud. Securing transactions ensures that your financial information stays confidential and helps to maintain your peace of mind and trust in the online payment process.

SSL Encryption and Other Security Features

LESCO employs cutting-edge security technologies, such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. SSL encrypts the data exchanged between your device and the LESCO server, which makes it nearly impossible for hackers to intercept and misuse your information.

In addition to SSL, LESCO’s online platform may feature other security measures like multi-factor authentication. This adds an extra layer of protection by requiring additional verification steps beyond just entering a password.

Tips for Maintaining the Security of Online Accounts

Strong Passwords: Create a strong, unique password for your LESCO online account. Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols to enhance security.

Regular Password Updates: Change your password regularly to minimize the risk of unauthorized access. Avoid using easily guessable information like birthdays or common words.

Secure Internet Connection: Ensure that you are using a secure and private internet connection, especially when making online payments. Avoid using public Wi-Fi networks for sensitive transactions.

Update Software: Keep your device’s operating system, antivirus software, and web browsers up to date. Software updates often include security patches that protect against the latest threats.

Beware of Phishing: Be cautious of phishing attempts. LESCO will never ask for sensitive information via email or messages. Verify the authenticity of any communication before providing personal details.


What is the reference number on a Lesco bill?

The reference number on a LESCO bill is a unique identifier assigned to each bill. It helps LESCO track and manage your payment. You can find the reference number near the top of your bill, and it’s essential to include it when making online payments to ensure your payment is correctly linked to your account.

How long do online bill payments take?

Online bill payments typically take 1 to 3 business days to process. The exact duration may vary based on the payment method and the policies of the utility company. It’s always a good idea to make payments a few days before the due date to ensure timely processing.

How can I check my electricity bill by CNIC number?

To check your electricity bill by CNIC number, visit the utility company’s official website or mobile app. Enter your CNIC number in the designated section, and you will be able to view and download your current and past electricity bills.

How do I know if my Lesco bill is paid?

You can check if your LESCO bill is paid by reviewing your payment confirmation, typically received through email or the online payment portal. Additionally, you can check your bank statement for the transaction or contact LESCO’s customer service for confirmation.

Is Lesco online bill payment credit card possible?

LESCO online bill payment with a credit card is possible. You can choose the credit card option on the LESCO online payment portal, enter your card details, and complete the transaction securely.

What is LESCO 24 hours helpline number?

If your electricity has a problem, just call them for free at 118 or send a text to 8118. They’ll fix it, and you’ll have power back in your life!


Paying your LESCO bill online in 2024 is like taking a quick and easy path. With just a few clicks, you can manage your electricity bills from the comfort of your home. It saves time, reduces paperwork, and contributes to a greener environment. The importance of understanding your bill and ensuring security in online transactions cannot be overstated.

By following the step-by-step guide, linking your account, and making payments with various options, you can make the process smooth. So, embrace the convenience, enjoy the benefits, and keep the lights on with LESCO’s user-friendly online payment system in 2024!

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